About the iTeam

“From the standpoint of a child, the great waste in school comes from his inability to utilize the experience he gets outside while on the other hand he is unable to apply in daily life what he is learning in school. That is the isolation of school – it’s isolation from life.” ~John Dewey

What is the iTeam?

Research shows that the amount of
student learning that occurs in the classroom is
directly proportional to the quality of student
involvement in the educational program
(Cooper and Prescott 1989). Yet, research
studies indicates that teachers dominate
classroom conversations.
Inquiry-based instructional approaches
reverse this trend, placing students in the
drivers seat of the learning process. Teachers
become the facilitator, coach, and modeler.

iTeam students will:
• Ask challenging questions
• Learn how to learn
• Develop a sense of identity relative to the
world around them
• Communicate ideas effectively

iTeam teachers will
• Make interdisciplinary connections
• Create learning experiences that apply subject
matter to real world situations
• Apply best practices to daily lessons
• Develop engaging and real world lessons to
teach the CCGPS (Common Core Georgia
Performance Standards)